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Alhoewel de werken aan het pand nog volop bezig zijn zullen we toch al enkele activiteiten voor het publiek voorzien ...

English introduction

Astropolis is a science center for astronomical observations and space travel situated in the city of Ostend, Belgium. It is run by, the Astropolis VZW, a non profit organisation. The goal is to popularize the science behind astronomy, space travel and meteorology by public outreach programs, educational STEM projects and coordinating Pro-Am research teamwork.

Space hoppers

The adventurous, challenging and innovative Astropolis youth work for 8 to 12 year olds, who are fascinated by astronomy, space travel and related sciences.

STEM Academy

Our tailor-made STEM academy is not only fun but also very challenging and especially designed for young people aged between 8 and 12 years. This makes it very complementary to our 'Space Hoppers' youth work.

Public outreach

Our public activities are extensive and include exhibitions, debates, lectures, workshops, day trips, star gazing nights, performances, etc ... All tailored to a wide audience, regardless of prior knowledge or age.


Amateur astronomers, both experienced and novices, can participate to the Astropolis Stargazer's adult activities. This using their own equipment or using our infrastructure.

Space Flight Academy

Rocket enthusiasts and builders, both experienced and novices, can participate at the Astropolis 'Space Flight Academy' for sky blazing adventures.

Astropolis Spectroscopy Group

The ASG workgroup or Astropolis Spectroscopy Group, is a group within the adult activity group, specialized in astronomical spectroscopy. This group meets regularly to work on specific projects.

The team

Astropolis consists of a team of passionate volunteers, who are fascinated by astronomy, space travel and related sciences. The core group consists of a handful of friends, some of whom have known each other for more than 30 years. With each its own specialties, skills, contacts, etc ... 

The Core Group

Patrick Jaecques, director - Patrick Jaecques has been a member of an astronomical association since 1984. He is co-founder of the 'Astro Event Group' and inspirer of the Astropolis project. He is specialized in organizing educational activities and events, is a passionate speaker and likes to give workshops. He is primarily responsible for Astropolis.

Marc Trypsteen, president - Marc Trypsteen has been a member of an astronomical association since 1990. He is co-founder of the 'Astro Event Group' and pioneer of the Astropolis project. With an educational background as a pharmacist and analytical chemist he is responsible within Astropolis for spectroscopy and educational projects on medical / pharmaceutical research in space. He is co-author of the book "Complete Spectroscopy for Amateur Astronomers", published by Cambridge University Press, 2017 

Stijn Vanderheiden, secretary - Stijn Vanderheiden has been working on astronomy since 1997. Shortly thereafter, he also became active in the fight against light pollution and nuisance. Stijn likes to work with the public, explaining at the telescope, as well as to give lectures and workshops. He is also passionate about the new developments in space travel.  As leader of the workgroup “Light Nuisance” within the Association for Astronomy (VVS), he now also works on the realization of Dark Sky Parks in Flanders. 

Mike Rosseel, treasurer - Mike Rosseel has been a member of an astronomical association since 1994. He is passionate about nightsky gazing, astronomical projects and IT. Organizer of the annual StarNights star party, former board member of JVS Quasar and the NPO AEG vzw. 

Alex Degroote, technician - Alex Degroote has been a member of an astronomical association since... 

Dieter Jansoone, technician - Dieter Janssoone has been active since 1999 in JVS Quasar, the Ostend Youth Association for Astronomy. Since the Astro Event exhibition, organized by the 'Astro Event Group' in 2009, he is responsible for technical support because of his years of experience as an electrician. 


Please come visit us in the coastal city of Ostend in Belgium. The beating heart of Europe. But not quite the center of the universe ...

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